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Welcome to Undaunted Soul!

Have you heard about the cow vs the buffalo? When cows see a storm rolling in over the mountains, they start running the other way. Have you ever seen how fast cows move? Not very fast. The storm catches up to them, and they spend a long time in the storm, STILL trying to outrun it.


Buffalo on the other hand, when they sense a storm, they wait and they charge into it. They don't run away. By charging straight into the storm, they minimize the amount of pain, time, and suffering they experience from the storm. The cow and buffalo undergo the same storm, but have different experiences.


I have always identified with this analogy and love it so much I decided to base my entire business around it. We all have storms and trials in our life. What direction are you headed? Be the Buffalo, have an Undaunted Soul and run into your storm. 

The mission of our company is to help remind you to be your best self.

To never give up on yourself.

To fight whatever storm may come your way.

To have your own Undaunted Soul.

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