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This is for you.


You want to improve your mindset.

Have greater Self-Love

Want to have a better care routine.

Stop the negative self-talk.

Start forming Life Changing Habits.

Kick off 2023 the right way!


You know that feeling.

Feeling like you want to change, but not sure how.

Maybe you hope you'll change if you just try harder.

But then it doesn't happen.

Feeling like you'll be stuck in the cycle of self-doubt, negative thoughts, or the desire to become a better you! 

What if I told you I have the answer.


The answer to be able to prioritize you. To truly love YOU.

That there is hope.

Inside of The Official Undaunted30 Challenge, we get deep.

We practice self love.

We find what it means to Be the Buffalo.

We discover what it means to love ourselves.

We discover what is going on in our brains.

We find that inner buffalo that you already have.

We recognize we are human

We find how to love ourselves in spite of what is going on around us.


But I've tried to better myself and have failed, what if I do again?


You won't fail.

I have a proven method that uses the Buffalo Framework, community, and consistency.


This process is 30 DAYS, and by the end, you'll be on the path of clarity, self love, and success. No more getting sunk down in self-doubt and fear. No more negative self talk.


Ok, cool. But how will this work?

We will follow 6 Pillars throughout the whole month.

Pillar One: Affirmations

Pillar Two: Breath Work

Pillar Three: Make your bed

Pillar Four: Move your body

Pillar Five: Grateful Journal

Pillar Six: Do 1% More!

Along with the six pillars, I'll be going Live Monday-Friday the whole month, and giving you nuggets of information and guidance to help you along your path!

Habits are formed between 21-100 days of consistency. This challenge surpasses the 21 days! The goal is to do it 30 days, in a row, all 6 pillars!

Ok. So how much does this cost?


Daily Checklists
Guided Activities
Facebook Lives
Community of Like-Minded Individuals
A Greater Love for Yourself.

You are NOT alone.

If you feel drawn to this challenge, there is a reason.

Don't ignore that feeling.

Doing this challenge WILL change you life, if you let it.

Do something that your future self will thank you for.


Honestly it was about day 3 that I noticed that I was actually liking myself a lot more. That I could do hard things. Every day was hard, but the more I did the challenge, the more I fell in love with myself.


Before the challenge I would have thoughts of, "Why even try to change?"

Now, because of the challenge, I feel more confident in myself and my abilities. I believe in myself and dare to put myself out there!


I am now able to give myself grace when I don’t complete things like I wanted to and not be mad at myself for it.


I remember I was having an incredibly frustrating day and I found myself turning to breath work and my positive affirmations. That was a surprise to me because I realized that the things I was practicing daily were becoming a part of my life and not just something I had on a checklist!


I am now happier inside of myself!


This challenge has been a life changer. I have always been so down on myself, always thinking the negative thoughts, worrying about things I can't control. Looking for someone to love me and fix me, because I was scared to try. THANK YOU for helping me see I am worthy of self love! I now know I can do hard things, because I am worth it!


Early Bird Pricing is good until December 26th...Invest in yourself!

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